Van Halen


These photos were taken on Van Halen's first tour as a headline act.  They had just released the "Van Halen II" album.  I remember standing in line outside of the Memorial Coliseum that afternoon when a guy with a cap pulled down low and sunglasses on came by on roller skates.  He skated right past the line of fans and straight into the Coliseum.  It was at this point that we realized that it was David Lee Roth. 
The show began with "Somebody Get Me A Doctor" and rocked from start to finish.  Eddie used a new yellow and black guitar that he later would place in the coffin of "Dimebag" Darrell of Pantera.  After the show I found out that the band had rented out the entire sixth floor of a nearby hotel.  I went there hoping to meet the band and found myself outside a room with what sounded like a party going on inside. Girls were giggling and talking and music was playing.  I knocked on the door and to my shock David Lee Roth answered wearing nothing but a towel.  Unfortunately, he did not invite me in to join the party.  Van Halen would never return to Corpus Christi for a concert again.

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