I skipped school the day of this show intent on meeting Journey.  I went to the back stage area of the Coliseum and knocked on the door.  To my surprise the bands manager opened the door.  I gave him some story about working on a project for my high school newspaper and amazingly he gave me a backstage pass and invited me in.  Journey was doing sound check and Steve Perry was sitting in front of the stage listening.  I went up to him and said hello then asked for an autograph and he obliged.  He seemed annoyed with me and I realize now that having a knuckle headed teenager interrupt you during sound check is annoying.
The show itself was great.  Believe it or not, AC/DC opened for them and I photographed that set as well.  When Journey hit the stage, Steve Perry's voice was impeccable and Neal Schon ripped on guitar.  After the concert I went backstage and hung with the band.  All of them were really cool.  Especially Neal Schon.  Steve Perry was friendly even though he had a girlfriend that was not happy with him for some reason.  The band allowed me to take photos backstage and I may add some of them to our web site at some point.

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