Randy Rhoads


altThe night of the Ozzy show I really didn't know what I had in store for that night.  The last memory I had of Ozzy was from his previous visit to Corpus Christi as the vocalist for Black Sabbath, which was a disaster of a show.  Let's just say that Ozzy was not at his best and would soon find himself without a band.  He came to town with his "Diary of a Madman" tour and a new sound, led by guitarist, Randy Rhoads.  I must admit that while I had heard their songs, I really had no idea who Randy Rhoads was or how good he could play the guitar.  Since our arena was smaller than most, we did not have the full stage set for this tour.  Lighting was minimal.  But on the up side, we were able to get really close to the stage and I lucked into a spot right in front of Randy's mark on the stage floor.  The images I captured that night have become my most prized photographs.  Randy left the entire arena in awe.  Here I was two feet from Randy Rhoads and I didn't realize at the time how great this guy was.  It seemed that Randy saw me with a camera because he is looking right into my camera on various shots.  Sadly, Randy would only do eleven more shows before dying in a plane crash.  I truly believe that my photos could very well be the last, quality front row photos of Randy, three and a half weeks before his death.  He was a true genius.

The Jackson Concorde guitar was built especially for Randy Rhoads after he joined Ozzy Osbourne.  He walked into Jackson guitar and sketched his idea on a napkin for the guitar maker.  This first version was used by Rhoads for some time and there are many photographs of him with that guitar.  Randy eventually suggested some changes to the original version with some new features and a second version of the Concorde was made.  Unfortunately, due to his sudden death, there are very few photographs of the second version of the guitar in Randy's hands.  Classic Concert Photos has shots of Randy Rhoads with that guitar.


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